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Momma Cat with Kittens in Need

Momma cat (listed below) has 4 babies and needs a safe place to go ASAP before they’re taken to a farm to fend for themselves.

They most likely won’t last the winter.

Mom is super sweet and just purrs and purrs when you give her a little attention. Babies are gorgeous!

momma cat

2 Responses

  1. Judy Beirne

    I may be interested in helping this kitty family. I am definitely an animal lover and have been a cat owner for decades until my 23 year old short hair died a couple of years ago. I recently had to put my golden retriever down and am now left without a four-legged critter to love and care for. I am semi-retired and am searching for another dog but came upon this listing and thought I would inquire. Are they still available?

  2. Anne rudd

    If that. Poor momma and her kittens haven’t found a foster home yet please let me know. I’d be happy to foster them