Microchip Registration


To ensure the safety of your newly adopted pet, it is imperative that you register their microchip.  This will ensure a safe return should your pet get lost.

Please register your pet’s microchip within 3 days of adoption.

To register the microchip, please follow the instructions below;

– Logging in at: with our Petfinder Shelter ID  IL761;


– Calling 1-866-802-5650 and providing our Petfinder Shelter ID        IL761

The cost to register the microchip is $10.99

Adopters must provide their credit card for payment of the $10.99 initial enrollment. This is a one-time charge and that credit card will not be used for a renewal unless the adopter specifically requests it. And remember that the $10.99 includes lifetime microchip registration and the ability to update contact information online at no cost, plus a one-year HomeAgain membership for the adopter which includes additional benefits to keep pets safe.