David Mulcahy


Our smallest rescue from Southern IL is Lulu! She was someone’s pet long ago. They taught her to sit, to sit up and beg. They must have loved her. But things changed and Lulu ended up in that horrible place. She spent hers days in a tiny cage on shredded […]

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Bernie is doing great, and getting bigger! He is up to 45lbs but still could put on another 20 lbs or so. He LOVES kids and other dogs. Bernie was born on Easter, April 19th of this year. His mom is a yellow lab mix, and dad’s mix is a […]

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ADOPTED (yippee!) Steve

I’m a cool cat named Steve. I love to lounge around on the couch but have a playful side too. Kids, cats, dogs… I get along with everyone since I’m a friendly guy! I am only about 7 months old and am pure white except for a smudge of gray […]

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My name is Reggie and I am finally ready to find a home of my own! I’d love a backyard to play in and maybe a couple doggie friends to hang out with. A kid or two to play with would be cool to! My passion is chasing those pesky […]

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